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Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012
Dining out in Abuja - Marco Polo
This Chinese restaurant is located in 911 plaza, Maitama. You can reach it when you come from the British Council roundabout direction Hilton and at the junction you turn left. Then take the next road on your right side and you will reach the place immediately to your left. Kilimandjaro is located in the same complex.

The restaurant is equipped nicely, we went there on valentine's day and there was a life singer there. Unfortunately the staff was not really prepared for all the guest visiting.

This resulted in a kind of push-out-ordering without sufficient time to enjoy the meal. Something like this should be organised in a better way, especially when you order a "dinner for two" and pay almost 35.000 Naira for it.

The food was ok, spicy chicken, spicy noodles, non-spicy beef. I don't like fish, so I don't know how the shrimps were. Steamed rice came with it, the appetizer was either Peking soup or chicken with sweet corn soup and 4 spring rolls. As dessert there was either ice cream or fruit salad (some pieces of pineapple ad water melon). The food came with two glasses of champagne and one large bottle of water.

Now the "but"s: it took us five times until we got the complimentary bottle of water. A colleague of mine who sat next to us had to order his beer also 3 times until it arrived.
Then there was confusion about the starters, so in case of my colleague they got 6 spring rolls, but 2 were taken away from them by picking them with fingers, as the mistake was realised.
Even before we got our dessert, the bill was already ready as new customers were waiting for our table.
And regarding to what my colleague said the shrimps were not too nice, rather soft and tasteless.

So for the money spent compared to the service offered: not necessarily a place to go again to.

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